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2 min readAug 11, 2023

Can we stabilize the climate and cool the planet within twenty years?

“If you want to make major changes, you have to change the way you SEE things.”

How the climate really works

Greenhouse gases heat up the planet, but they are not the only driver of climate change. While carbon gets all the attention, there is another huge factor which is largely overlooked. It is water in its movements and changes of state (ice, liquid water and vapour) as it interacts with plant life and the atmosphere. This interaction has enormous stabilizing and cooling effects. Once we understand the full force of plants and the water cycle, we can actually confront the climate crisis with a whole new set of measures. Plants, healthy soils and healthy ecosystems stabilize weather, the climate and bring cooling. We can leverage these qualities to fight the climate crisis. If the damage to the biosphere is reversed, the planet will regain its capacity to regulate its own temperature.

How much do we have to do to reverse climate chaos?

Through a strategic plan, involving large parts of the global population to act locally with place-based solutions, plus actions from powerful organizations like states, armies and large companies, we can stop the Earth from warming up within twenty years and see the number of weather extremes drop significantly before that, because the increasing life on the planet starts to regulate its metabolisms better, locally and if enough of us do the restoration, globally. Here are the priorities:

  1. We bring finance, information, organization and tools to the 600 million smallholder families around the world to restore their lands and transition to regenerative agroforestry food production. This will restore the small water cycles, regenerate degraded soils and substantially increase living biomass. A plan for this has been written.
  2. We invite large networks of organizations such as the Rotaries, WVF World Veterans Federation, Red Cross, CARE, The Nature Conservancy, Oxfam, WWF, Peace Corps, climate action groups and so on to support communities everywhere to regenerate the ecosystems in their area and improve their own economy and well-being.
  3. We will roll out a program of ocean and coastal marine ecosystems restoration. We know how to do that.
  4. We will assemble in a very short time a Digital Gaia to support all these restoration processes. An outline has been written, almost all parts already exist.
  5. The planetary restoration project will be financed through several revenue streams from governments, philanthropy, investment programs and carbon credit finance.

We must reduce emissions but that is not enough! Frontloading vigorous protection and repair of nature around the world together with massive increases in regenerative agricultural practices and agroforestry will make landscapes climate resilient. Combined with reviving ocean biology, it will restore a balanced climate, calm the weather and cool the planet! Tens of gigatons of CO2 per year will be sequestered in the fast increasing living biomass around the world.

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