Let’s go on a journey of discovery

Rob de Laet
2 min readApr 30, 2021


I am inviting you to gather your friends and come along on the most amazing journey of discovery we, you and I, together, are going to make. Let us go on an adventure in search of a path to a new paradise, that beautiful world our hearts know is possible, and badly needed to get us out of the mess we are in.

It will be a dangerous journey and no one can tell us what the outcome will be. We will leave our trusted worlds behind, leaving almost everything behind our culture ever taught us. In our hearts of hearts we know that what we know no longer works, no longer serves us, no longer serves life and that we need to go. We are stuck in a reality that is in fact endangering our lives, our home, our Planet, our loved ones and the wonderful animals we share our world with and maybe most painful of all, endangering the lives of those who still want to be born.

So we are not just going on this journey because we are longing to do so, but also because we are slowly turning into refugees. We are leaving a society behind that has ceased to make us happy, to sustain us, to nourish us. We are stuck in an economy that is killing everything in its way, slowly, relentlessly, numbed and distracted. Meticulously dissecting, strangling without mercy in a 凌遲, a death by a thousand cuts. So we are leaving the uneasy comfort of our customary world behind, because we know storms are brewing everywhere, not just outside, but also inside of us, really everywhere.

If we don’t want to be crushed by that storm, we need to leave. The time has come to go on that journey, that time is now!

Will you come along? Will you leave everything behind except your love and loved ones, your wild creativity and passion? Your sadness and and your fears? Please only come along if in your hearts of hearts you feel the faint echo of that call, that call of a distant land of beauty, love, light, wildness , secrets and abundance that is calling. You sense that there is such a place, that hidden place that is ours to discover or maybe to dream up and create?

Will you come along? If you want, just like this little opening and we are on our way.



Rob de Laet

Will we make the transition towards a sustainable human culture and society or will we choose chaos? It is up to us to make the Great Turning. Let’s Go!