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We know how to stabilize the climate. The key is to see the biodiversity crisis, the massive land use change and exploitation and pollution of land and oceans as the principal cause of climate destabilization. Do you agree? If so, how do we wake up the world to this metamorphosis and understand our planet is alive?

I propose the following steps to accelerate climate action by including Nature based Solutions (NbS) by everyone, everywhere as fast as possible:

1. Open up Climate Science: Open the carbon focused mainstream climate narrative to include the pathway NbS open to restore the biosphere, create healthy soils, biomes, nature friendly food production and fix the disrupted water cycle everywhere.

2. Wake up Haute Finance: Open the eyes of the largest financial players in the world: sovereign wealth funds, investment funds, pensions funds and reinsurers like Lloyds, that investing in the regeneration of the planet will stabilize the climate within decades. It will protect their asset portfolio against catastrophic losses and create the greatest investment opportunity in history. The IRR on NsB can be amazing!

3. Build the Digital Earth, a digital platform to connect the millions of projects around the world with information (best practice exchange), communication, cooperation for project making and finance for regeneration and make them profitable through investment.

4. Gamify Regeneration: to draw in the youth to a regenerative movement, we need an explosion of healthy competition and cooperation in the race to heal the planet, making it fun to work locally and showing (off) on the Digital Earth, taking action on the ground and sharing it online.

5. Bring together a global regenerative movement: integrate the millions of initiatives already out there with a positive vision of a healthy planet and societies embedded in the simple abundance of thriving ecosystems securing the basic needs for all and all species and opening up new adventures into space, virtual worlds and the amazing depth of intelligence embedded in the Earth’s biodiversity for future generations.

6. Rebuild the commons through empowered decision-making at all levels: the Digital Earth will create the space for the participation of all humans to design the future of their communities, regions, nations and the Earth. Experiments with citizen’s conventions in France and citizen’s councils in other areas have shown that when well-informed communities, not dominated by the propaganda of existing power structures, ordinary people are radical protectors of the future.

We can do this, will we make 2023 about regeneration? We are all together in this. Please reply with your insights, thank you!



Rob de Laet

Will we make the transition towards a sustainable human culture and society or will we choose chaos? It is up to us to make the Great Turning. Let’s Go!